Carlos Boozer finally explains his sprayed on hair


If you were watching the Chicago Bulls in 2012 --- that year when Derrick Rose was still an MVP player --- you might have noticed forward Carlos Boozer rocking some very weird hair. It definitely didn't look natural, but he has denied it until now. He went on "Highly Questionable" with Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones and explained the sprayed on hair.

Boozer completely owns up to the whole thing, and admits he was trying to cover up some hair loss. He tells the two that he was told about a hair dye product called The Bigen, and it made his head look completely like shoe polish. He goes on to say how much trash has been talked at his expense and how he's taken it over the years and that he tried to "shampoo that thing seven or eight times" to no avail. I would probably laugh that hard too if I got to hear that answer in person.