Celtics fans
(Barstool Sports/X)

Video: Stumbling Drunk Celtics Fan Tees Off On Another At Watch Party

The Boston Celtics have been utterly dominant in the NBA playoffs and for most of the Finals. So when they do lose, their fans clearly don't know how to act.

Anyone who saw what took place at a Celtics watch party already knows that. It happened in Game 4, when the Celtics were utterly wiped out in Game 4 in Dallas. The watch part was at TD Garden in Boston.

Until then, the Celtics looked as if they were on the verge of a sweep. But they stunk it up during the closeout game. Very typical of the Celtics this season.

Anyway, anger resulted and one Celtic fan took it out on another. The main deliverer of blows currently wasn't sober. He looked black-out drunk. Somehow, his punches landed. The other guy? Well, clearly older and defenseless.

Dumb. The whole thing. And the result of booze, and mostly, Celtics fans who can't handle it.

As Barstool wrote:

"The tough part of this video is given where it started, we don't really have a sense at what happened to spark this brawl. We see this dude get dropped and the haymakers start flying. It's hard to judge these situations without knowing who the instigator was or what caused a reaction like this. At the beginning of the video it felt like maybe it was the two young guys, because you can see at the start the dude with the ponytail is laughing his ass off and has a sneaky nasty sucker punch on the guy in the green sweatshirt who was trying to break things up. Initially, that gave me the impression that maybe they were at the root of all this."