LeBron James has let rumors run rampant about where he might end up signing next summer when his current contract runs out. He could easily rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers if he wanted to, but he could also decide that he’s made his money and wants to seriously try to beat the Golden State Warriors who are looking like a dynasty in the making. That has led FS1’s Chris Broussard to speculate that James will join a title contender out West.

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Here’s the main quote to take away from that bit on Colin Cowherd’s radio show:

“If he leaves Cleveland, and your desire is to win, to beat Golden State, I think there’s one place that’s ahead of everywhere else, and it’s not the Lakers. It’s San Antonio. The best coach in the league. Gregg Popovich is winning 60 plus games with Dewayne Dedmon as his center.”

Should James consider the move, he would be joining one of the few players in the league who can hope to shut him down in Kawhi Leonard and would get to be coached by Gregg Popovich who James has said repeatedly he has a lot of respect for in this league. He would likely have to take a paycut since the Spurs are on the hook for Leonard’s and LaMarcus Aldridge’s hefty contract. However, they could fill out around him with talent that would be willing to take less money for a real shot at a title.

NBA insider believes LeBron could join surprising title contender in 2018 Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
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