Does Jeremy Lin not get enough fouls called because he isn’t a super star?

There was a time in the NBA when Jeremy Lin was can’t-miss entertainment and was dazzling crowds in Madison Square Garden. Those days are no longer as he’s in the Queen City of Charlotte, but is still playing some solid basketball. He’s averaging 11.7 points and three assists a game for the Hornets and not nearly enough free throws it seems.

Someone put together this compilation of fouls that have been committed against Jeremy Lin that have either gone uncalled or should have been called flagrants. They even went as far back as his Houston days to show how Lin has taken a beating driving to the basket and the refs never even review the play to see if there is a flagrant to be called.

This is the reason “super star” calls are so bad for the game. The fouls should be called based on the size and severity of the players receiving the fouls and the players giving the fouls. Lin is not one of the bigger guys in the league and when he gets popped above the shoulders by a big man that deserves a review for a flagrant at the very least.

Hopefully it all evens out in the playoffs for him though as the Hornets are guaranteed a spot and actually have to wait to see how some games shake out on Wednesday night.

Ben Bornstein was born in San Antonio, TX. That would explain his love for the Spurs and good basketball. He was raised in Orlando, Florida for most of his life though, so he has special feelings for the Magic too. He is an avid NBA, NCAA, and NFL fan who ...Read more
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