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Donald Trump's tweet about Dwyane Wade's tragedy has started a firestorm

This isn't the first time he's pressed "send" and regretted it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump knows a thing or two about ruffling the feathers of others. Whether it's an interview or rally, the Presidential candidate seems to know just what buttons to push.

he "tweet" button is one of them.

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Chicago Bulls star and Chicago native Dwyane Wade's cousin was fatally shot Friday while pushing a stroller near the University of Chicago. Trump, who has recently pushed for attracting black voters, thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge's death to solicit support from black voters.

Trump's original tweet, where he incorrectly spelled Wade's name as "Dwayne," was posted at 9:24 am. It took him over four hours to offer sobering thoughts about the senseless act of violence.

Trump's tweet wasn't lost on those in the Twittersphere, as almost everyone had something to say:

At a recent rally, Trump said African Americans had nothing to lose by choosing to vote for him in the upcoming presidential election. Support for Trump amongst black voters is at a record low.

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