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One of the top reporters in sports could be jumping to ESPN

ESPN has been bleeding talent, and this could be the biggest band aid available.

Considering all of the talent that ESPN has lost over the last year or so, this would be the equivalent of a massive coup.

According to Deadspin, NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski " is close to an agreement to leave Yahoo and join ESPN". Wojnarowski had recently signed a deal with Yahoo that created his own platform called "The Verticle", but it looks like he could be on the move to the four-letter network.

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Wojnarowski has emerged over the past few years as the premier breaking news reporter in the NBA. From trades, to signings, to draft picks, "Woj" has generally beaten every other reporter to the punch in order to break the news first.

Deadspin is also reporting that Wojnarowski could be taking some of the writers from his "Verticle" platform with him to ESPN. If true, it would be an enormous blow to Yahoo's sports operation, and an interesting gain for ESPN's NBA coverage.