The Greek Basketball League is not one of the more watched leagues — at least in America — but it might have just garnered a bigger following. During a championship game between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, absolute insanity and chaos broke out.

With a little more than two minutes left there were explosions and flares released around the court from the home Olympiacos fans who were watching their team lose. The two teams tried to play through it, but the game was temporarily suspended to evacuate the teams and fans from the arena. Here’s what it looked like at the time:

And here are some photos amid the pandemonium:

Panathinaikos won the game 66-51 and unfortunately, this has become a regular occurrence between these two teams when the home team doesn’t win. For The Win also reported that fans were firing their flares at the opposing players as they were headed to the tunnel to escape the tunnel. This was just a poor showing of sportsmanship in what should have been an enjoyable game and environment.

[h/t The Herd Now]


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