Houston Rockets' Jalen Green And Draya Michele Don't Care What Others Think Of Their 17-Year Age Gap Relationship

22-year-old Jalen Green, a guard for the Houston Rockets, and 39-year-old Draya Michele, Basketball Wives LA star, recently welcomed the birth of their daughter.

Michele and Green have reportedly been dating since August 2023, and the pregnancy was leaked during a postgame interview in March 2024, which caused many to question the actresses' relationship with her younger NBA boyfriend, considering she has a son the same age.

This weekend, TMZ interviewed the couple while they were walking the streets of LA, and they both seemed unbothered by the public perception regarding their age gap.

"We try to stay off the internet and not really listen to that kind of stuff," Michele said. "We block it out and mind our business."

Green also added, "We also don't care."

Michele went on to say, "Two adults being in love, I don't know why that would rub people the wrong way. It's kind of weird. Love is love at the end of the day."

Then finally, the couple was asked if they had plans for a second child, but no answer was given. Green shrugged his shoulders in response to the question, while Michele said, "Who knows!"

To point out, they have also made their own jokes about their relationship. Just yesterday, Michele posted a meme video to her Instagram story, which was captured "when you date someone younger than you."

screenshot: ig/@drayamichele

The media personality wrote, "LOVE IT HERE."

All in all, Green has had success on the court ever since dating his older girlfriend. The third-year player appeared in all 82 games last season and put up 19.6 points (42.3% FG; 33.2% 3PT), 5.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists.

In particular in the month of March, after announcing the pregnancy of his expected daughter, Green caught fire, scoring 27.7 points on 49.2% FG and 40.8% 3PT.

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