James Harden wins an MVP, just not the one he had in mind

The ultimate Shaqtin' a Fool award!

Shaquille O'Neal hosts a segment on NBA TV each week called "Shaqtin' a Fool" that highlights —- or rather lowlights —- the worst plays of the week. With the NBA Finals going on, Shaq didn't have much footage to work with so he usually names his "MVP" of the Shaqtin' season.

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James Harden was pretty annoyed that he didn't get more consideration for Most Valuable Player this season and people will understand why he didn't get more talk after watching the above "highlights" of Harden not even attempting to play defense. While Stephen Curry might not be a great defender at least he tries, unlike Harden.

Only James Harden could be named an All-Star by the NBA and its fans and then turn around and win an "MVP" award like this. Maybe if he keeps playing defense like that he could win it again next year!