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Kevin Durant viciously slams NBA for "Last Two Minutes" reports


Most Warriors fans were pretty upset with the ending of the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas Day. There were two huge missed calls that could have swung the momentum of the game in the Warriors' favor. LeBron James was not called for a technical for hanging on the rim and Richard Jefferson was not called for a foul at the end of the game for pushing Kevin Durant.

The NBA admitted in its "Last Two Minutes" report of the game that those infractions should have been called, but were not. While some people like the league giving its fan transparency, there are others who feel it only hurts everyone because it admits mistakes that can't be fixed. Durant is one of the people who doesn't like it and he let loose on the league when asked about the report:

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Good lord, was he angry. He didn't hold back on the league at all and might be one of the few people who is on the side of the refs. It looks like it's the commissioner's move now.