Kobe Bryant's last game set an unreal sales record

The power of Kobe.

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Kobe Bryant certainly left his mark on the game of basketball and left an incredible impression on people's minds with his 60-point outburst in his last game as a pro and Los Angeles Laker. That kind of performance and the fact it was Bryant's last game combined to break an unbelievable sales record that previously was held by the band Led Zeppelin.

The Staples Center sold $1.2 million worth of Kobe merchandise, Sean Ryan, AEG vice president of merchandise told ESPN. Ryan said that's a single-day sales record for any arena in the world. Led Zeppelin sold $1 million worth of merchandise at the O2 Arena in London in December of 2007. It was the band's first full-length concert in over three decades.

The average fan inside the arena spent $61 on merchandise alone with the average bill being $230, Ryan said.

Prices of the merchandise were certainly for the those with a little more money to spend. Most of the hats, more than 60 percent of which sold out, cost $72.48 each.

There were eight hats made out of snake and lamb skin that cost $38,024 and eight hats made from cashmere with five diamonds on it that cost $24,008. Ryan said only three went unsold.

Including online sales, over $2 million worth of merchandise was sold including Thursday —- the day after the game.