Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving hasn’t been traded yet, but he’s still making headlines as Irving attended Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes wedding on Saturday evening and had a little too much.

In the video below, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is shown mocking Cavs forward LeBron James offseason workout videos, but here’s the kicker: Irvin is seen in the background loving every second of it.

This could all be in good fun, but the timing couldn’t be worse, especially if the all the reports are true regarding the Irving and James relationship status.

Still, the superstars are all having a good time, and the videos are funny, along with this one, but it should be interesting to see if James responds, as he’ll certainly see this, and what comes of it.

Kyrie Irving adds more fuel to the fire with latest video mocking LeBron Jason Miller/Getty Images

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