Larry Bird admits he would lose 1-on-1 to Michael Jordan

Larry Bird was on the Dan Patrick show earlier today and had some awesome stories as he usually does, but what he said near the end of the interview will surprise you the most. If you skip to around the 13:00 mark you'll hear Larry Bird admit to something he hoped he would never have to on record.

He says that Michael Jordan would "kill" him in a game of one-on-one today. There you have it. Basketball Jesus knows when his time has come and His Airness is the better of the two. However, he didn't talk about a game between them in their primes and who might win that one. That's the real debate, but for now Jordan fans have their answer.

Bird also talked about the awesome Hickory jerseys the team will wear this season, the best shooters in the game, and how Dan Patrick would fare in a game of one-on-one. You can listen to all of it or some it, but either way it's a good time had by all.