LaVar Ball may get his wish this summer with his son Lonzo Ball going No. 2 to the Los Angeles Lakers, but the LaVar ball may not get as much access as he may like if head coach Luke Walton’s comments are any indication.

Walton was asked, as expected, about Lonzo’s dad and his involvement with the team on the Jim Rome Show, and Walton didn’t shy away from already setting boundaries between LaVar and the Lakers.

Via B/R:

“Absolutely. If he wanted to come to the dinner. I think the workout is something that we’ll keep the doors closed on, but the dinner, I think he would definitely make the dinner more entertaining. He’s definitely welcomed to join us for that one.”

Walton’s answer is interesting because he’s not shutting the door on any kind of relationship with LaVar, but, from a basketball perspective, Lonzo is going to be isolated and on his own if he becomes a Laker. And it starts with these workouts that Walton is talking about.

He also compliments LaVar and is clearly being careful as to how he talks about his next potential franchise player’s dad and not to step on anyone’s toes.

What is clear, though, is team’s are likely going to be adamant in how they handle LaVar’s involvement and how much he can be involved — and it looks like it will be very little if he goes to the Lakers.

One NBA team may already be preparing for how it handles LaVar Ball Undisputed on FS1/YouTube

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