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LeBron James Rocked a $28,000 Louis Vuitton Outfit to Open the NBA Season

The Lakers-Nuggets season opener in Denver began with some fashion fireworks from LeBron James that were extremely relatable.

LeBron James made his grand entrance at Ball Arena on Tuesday night a rather ridiculous one, as his team prepared to face the defending world champion Denver Nuggets to tip-off the NBA season.

Specifically, King James was clad head-to-toe in a Louis Vuitton ensemble that would run your bill to a completely understandable $28,000. While that number might not even sound normal to some of his well-paid NBA counterparts, James is set to make over $47 million in 2023 alone and that does not include endorsements.

To put that into perspective, James could spend $28,000 a game for the Lakers' remaining 81 contests and still not crack the $3 million mark for his "arena walk-in" fashion budget. Another nugget of ridiculousness when it comes to the world that LeBron James lives in. But let's get to the specifics of the outfit itself.

As initially reported by TMZ, the "Wool Tuxedo Cigarette Pants" worn by James— otherwise known as black pants — go for $1,200 on the Louis Vuitton site. But that's apparently the kind of markup you'll run into when you bring a pair of pants to the counter that happened to be included in Pharrell Williams' very first runway collection for Louis Vuitton.

The jacket reportedly retails for $5,000. But let's be honest on this one. If there were ever any jacket that looks it might cost that much, the dizzying pixelated piece would probably be in the conversation.

Of all thing different things going here, the idea that LeBron's enormous handbag — which is probably just carrying a whole bunch of socks — cost him $11,000 is throughly hilarious. Although given all of these eye-popping numbers, what might be the most amusing aspect might be thinking that LeBron James is actually paying for the majority of this stuff. Because if so, I've got a pair of $1,200 pants to sell you.

When it comes down to it, a worldwide superstar as a big as James is doing Louis Vuitton a major favor by wearing their items top to bottom, including the kicks he's sporting featuring thick, brick-like soles that appear to be on steroids.

Though having said all of that, if you find yourself drooling at the idea of procuring any of these items for yourself, you are most certainly not in luck. Sadly, pre-sales on Louis Vuitton won't be starting until the first week of December.

Oh, and by the way, the Lakers lost to the Nuggets by a score of 119-107. An all-too-familiar sight that saw Nikola Jokic log a triple double while fellow center Anthony Davis struggled his way to zero points in the second half.

The 38-year-old LeBron, however, was once again the LeBron we've all come know so well, scoring 21 points, grabbing eight rebounds, and doling out five assists to go along with a steal. He's not slowing down anytime soon and, presumably, neither is his fashion flair.

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