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LeBron James says this young gun is the next great star of the NBA


LeBron James sat in on the "Uninterrupted Open Run" podcast earlier this week and had some interesting thoughts on NBA ownership, favorite comedies and favorites places to eat on the road. However, when asked about a guy everyone should be watching to break out and become a star in the league, he gave an answer surely no one was expecting.

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His answer is at the 1:22:00 mark in the audio file below. (WARNING: The podcast includes profanity.)

In case you didn't catch it, here's a transcript of the answer.


"That no one knows about?" James asked. "I'm going to be honest. If it's someone that is under the radar right now that ... I believe that's gonna be a really, really, really All-Star player in the league, it's Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns."

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Booker has received praise from Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade before, but to get a compliment like that from one of the greatest players in the game is on a different level. Especially since last season was his first in the league and James could have easily said Karl-Anthony Towns or two other guys from the Minnesota Timberwolves, but chose Booker instead.

Booker had a pretty great year too starting 51 games and shooting 34 percent from downtown and averaged 13.8 points per game. He also became the youngest player to participate in the three-point shooting contest and he finished third. The former Kentucky Wildcat would make Coach Cal proud with that compliment he received.



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