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LeBron James thinks MJ gets way too much credit for his six titles, and he couldn't be more wrong

This seems like a stretch.

Michael Jordan is the greatest player to have ever step foot on an NBA court and there are few people who would disagree with that. Apparently, one of the game's other great players in LeBron James completely disagrees with that. Or at the very least he thinks the G.O.A.T. gets way too much credit for winning six rings.

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James gave a very specific example from the 1993 NBA Finals when the Bulls played the Phoenix Suns. While it does make sense, it's not really a good reason why Jordan gets too much credit.

Via Bleacher Report's Uninterrupted:

"I don't think MJ ever had a Game 7 in the Finals. And people say 'Oh, well he was able to close it out early' and they act like he just did it all on his own. They forget about the shot by Paxson on the left wing.

You want to know the crazy thing? In that particular game in Phoenix, MJ didn't even have the ball in his hands. Pippen brought the ball up, Barkley went for the steal, Pippen threw it down to Horace Grant and that got the defense (out of place) because Barkley went for the gamble. They rotated to Horace Grant, and Horace Grant threw it to Paxson. MJ didn't have nothing to do with that play."

Jordan still had 33 points that game and averaged 41 points a game in that series so to say he gets too much credit is a bit ridiculous. If you want to point to his early playoff exits before the championship runs and in his return season of 1994-95 that would make more sense. This is clearly James grasping at straws to try to make himself seem like he's on the same level as Jordan despite the fact he's 3-of-7 in Finals appearances and was swept in 2007.


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