Michael Jordan wasn't afraid to throw hands in practice, reportedly gave black eye to Bulls center

When it comes to Michael Jordan and his competitive spirit, nothing is out of the realm of possibility — not even His Airness throwing hands at practice.

According to Horace Grant, a former teammate of Jordan's who spoke on New York's HOT97, it took an illegal pick to get him fired up (Grant talks about Jordan's fight around the 4:40 mark):

"He beat up a big white boy. Will Perdue. I mean, I hate to tell the story, but Will and I are still good friends [...] Typical Phil, running this this play, and Will set an illegal pick on M.J. M.J. said, 'Will, don't do it again.' 'What are you talking about?' That's Will. M.J. says, 'All right.' Phil says, 'Run it again.'

"So naturally, we ran it two more times. Illegal pick. M.J. walks up to Will — boom. Lit him up. It was over.

"We grabbed Will — you're not going to hurt M.J. M.J. can take care of himself, but, you know ... So, the next day on the plane, Will gets on the plane with a huge shiner.'"

When asked further if Grant ever wanted to tangle with Jordan, he had quite the response:

"No. Because if M.J. goes out, the Bulls go out."

Could you imagine if LeBron James or Kobe Bryant knocked out a teammate in this day and age?

(H/T Ball Don't Lie)