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Nate Silver's NBA playoff predictions are mind-boggling and bold


Nate Silver is known for his site 538, which projects a number of things like presidential polls, voting trends and even NBA playoff likelihoods. The latter of the three is what's most intriguing right now as the preseason is close to its end and the regular season starts on Tuesday.

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Naturally, he has the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs at the top of his playoff projections, giving them all an 87 percent chance or better to make the playoffs. The Toronto Raptors were given a 94 percent chance to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference while the Boston Celtics were somehow given only an 86 percent to make the playoffs.

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What might be most surprising is that the Utah Jazz are being given the fourth-best odds at winning the NBA title though at four percent. The Jazz are expected to be an improved team so long as they stay healthy, but this might be a huge leap. The Celtics being given only a three percent to win the title despite the fact most people think they will be better than the Raptors this season is a little odd as well.