Stephen A. Smith, NBA Finals

Stephen A. Smith Outfit, Strut Gets NBA Finals Started With Some Buzz

A few hours before the Boston Celtics blasted the Dallas Mavericks by a 107-89 count in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, Stephen A. Smith served notice.

Smith didn't suit up, but his suit did draw plenty of attention. And given that the game was so ... well, not watchable ... the ESPN analyst was among the best storylines.

It was basically:

1). Kristaps Porzingis makes a triumphant return to the Celtics after missing several weeks with a calf strain.

2). Stephen A. struts in front the camera, nods, waves coolly, and dons a purple-ish suit all the while.

3). Celtics win.

A lot of people don't seem to care for Smith's hot takes. But he has found a way to make a really nice living by giving his opinion on sports, including the NBA. Who wouldn't kill for that job? So the man deserves credit. He is an expert at commanding a room.

And this suit was actually cool.

But hey, fans will be fans, and those fans love to react to Stephen A. They did so en masse under the SportsCenter tweet of the video showing him entering the TD Garden.

"Stephen A walks like he's about to suit up," wrote one user.

"Easter was over 2 months ago," wrote another, clearly referring to the tint of his attire.

"How does one...walk like that? Is it an injury intentional strut?" asked a third.

"This man actually thinks he's the star," added a fourth. "Anyone could do his job."

Maybe. But it's Stephen A. who has the job. Don't hate. Appreciate.