New Lakers Head Coach JJ Redick Doesn't Care About The Skeptics

JJ Redick was recently announced as the next head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, and although he has received praise, there are also plenty of doubters questioning the hire.

That is to say, Redick is fully aware of the skeptics, and claims that he doesn't care or rather, as he expressed with words from his mouth (cover your ears), he said, "I don't give a f***."

To put into context, the former NBA player was asked about the misconceptions/concerns he's looking forward to eliminating as he starts his new coaching job.

"I've certainly heard everything. Its been a really interesting six weeks or so... However, I don't really have a great answer for your question, because I really don't give a f***, like honestly. I want to coach the lakers, I want to coach the team, I don't want to dispel anything, I don't. I want to become a great coach in the NBA and I want to win championships, and I want my players' to maximize their careers, that's all I care about."

Redick used humor the rest of the press conference, evidently trying to alleviate the pressure placed on him by the media.

As many noted, Redick may have been the second choice behind the University of Connecticut basketball coach Dan Hurley, who was seemingly the Lakers No. 1 option to fill the team's vacant coaching job, before he turned it down.

"Dan Hurley is a two-time national champion at UConn," Redick responded. "I am a two-time 55 Swish League Champion in the 3rd and 4th grade division. I understood."

Redick's coaching resume looks pretty empty to say the least, but the Lakers players have all the confidence in him to lead the team. As the new coach highlighted that he has experience, as a player, as a commentator, and as a podcaster.

With that being said, to point out, in regards to the LeBron James and JJ's "Mind the Game" podcast that aired over the course of the last three months, many joked that this was Redick's job interview to be the next coach of the LakeShow.

Fans got the news that now that the two podcasters are a part of the same organization, there will be no more podcast episodes.

Notably, after retiring from his 15-season NBA career (2006-21), Redick became an ESPN analyst since 2021.


The former Duke graduate has been commended for his basketball knowledge and expertise that he has showcased as a media personality, which fans hope can translate into wins for the Lakers during the upcoming 2024-25 season.