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OKC stores show their bitter feelings for Kevin Durant with unreal sales

The deal of a lifetime!

There's not a whole lot of love left for Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City now after his departure to become a Golden State Warrior. That might explain why stores are desperately trying to get rid of any merchandise that has his name on it.

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How desperate were they? They almost gave his stuff away for free! There was a 99 percent markdown all the way to under a dollar! ESPN's Darren Rovell was on the hunt and found this ridiculous price for a replica jersey:

Some other stores showed their disdain for Durant's departure in another fashion:

It looks like all those fans who burned their jerseys might have actually made out pretty well considering they could have gotten another one for less than a dollar at some places. The stores probably could have donated this stuff to Goodwill or another charity and done a lot better than just essentially giving away some of their best stuff.


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