One of ESPN's biggest loudmouths could be leaving the network

Another one leaving ESPN?

Another one of ESPN's longest tenured reporters could be leaving the network in September.

According to the Sporting News, Chris Broussard's ESPN contract expires in September, and the veteran NBA reporter could be leaving the network to go elsewhere. Broussard has been with ESPN since 2004.

Broussard has gained a controversial reputation while covering the NBA for ESPN, as Broussard has had many of his reports go sideways on him. This includes the snafu of Broussard tweeting out "sources" informing him of Deron Williams signing with the Nets in 2012... after Williams himself had already tweeted out his decision.

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It's unknown if Broussard is seeking to leave the network, but he could definitely be fielding offers if ESPN has yet to renew his contract at this point. Even with all the controversy, FOX or Turner could still have interesting in adding him to their respective teams.

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