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One of the NBA's biggest busts is working on a comeback tour


The 2001 NBA Draft is not one that gets talked about as one of the better ones out there, but it did produce some solid players. Shane Battier, Brian Scalabrine, Jason Richardson, Pau Gasol and Tyson Chandler were all in the draft that year. However, none of those guys were the top pick --- I know, Scalabrine was robbed --- as that honor (or dishonor) goes to Kwame Brown.

That's the guy one Stephen A. Smith called a "bonafide scrub" in a now-famous rant about the Lakers getting Pau Gasol in a trade for Brown and a couple of first round picks. Here it is in all its glory.

Why is all of this relevant? Kwame Brown is making his comeback at age 34. His last season in the league was 2012-13 with the Philadelphia 76ers after bouncing around with several other teams including the Wizards (the team that picked him in 2001), the Lakers, the Memphis Grizzlies (who received him in the trade with the Lakers), the Detroit Pistons and the Charlotte Bobcats as well as a season with the Warriors.


There might be a team out there that take a chance on him if he can prove that he's in shape considering he's 6'11" and could help a team in need of a rim protector. The center averaged 6.6 points and 5.5 boards a game in his 12 seasons in the NBA.