The 76ers may have given us the craziest game-winner of the season


The Philadelphia 76ers aren't exactly a good basketball team, but tonight they sure did look like one against the preseason darling Minnesota Timberwolves. In a game that Philadelphia owned pretty much from start to finish, it really appeared like the Sixers were just going to run away with this one. That was until a late charge from Minnesota, capped off by a gigantic Ricky Rubio 3-pointer, tied the game up with 1.6 remaining. With so little time left overtime felt all but inevitable. As long as Minnesota didn't get lost on a screen or anything like that then they should be perfectly fine.....right?

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Oh Wolves no...that's Sixers wing Robert Covington hitting perhaps the craziest game-winner of the season. Lobs to the basket towards the end of regulation are nearly impossible for even the best teams to pull off. They need timing, athleticism, and a little bit of luck all to fall perfectly in place for the play to work. For Philadelphia, they executed the play perfectly and once Minnesota got lost on the screen all that was left was for Covington to finish the play.

It wasn't pretty, but he got the shot up and the game was won in Philadelphia's favor. A rare site for that organization these days.