A Hard Foul Earns a 911 Call at This Pick-Up Basketball Game


In a world of pick-up basketball where everyone calls their own fouls, one man took it to the most extreme level possible. He didn't just call a foul. This guy called the cops.

That's right. A man so upset about getting fouled hard had the audacity to leave the game, go to the gym's front desk, and call the police to settle the situation.

So how in the world did this happen? More importantly, why did it happen? Thankfully our friend, TrapMoneyBenny, provided the details.

The man in the black shirt inside the doorway with his arms holded fell hard on a screen delivered by the other gentleman in the gray sleeveless shirt with two camouflage shooting sleeves.


Once he got up, he told everyone in the gym he was going to call the police. The people in the gym thought he was joking, of course, until they saw him at the gym's front desk.

So naturally the cops come to diffuse the ridiculous nature of the call.

The good news is the police left the gym without doing anything. The bad news is nobody can figure why this is even a thing.

Spend any amount of time watching basketball and these sorts of things happen all of the time. It's not like the phone-dialing baller was going up for a dunk and the other man clobbered him. And it's not like anyone got punched and the whole situation turned out of control.


This was a hard screen set by a much bigger guy and the smaller guy fell hard.

It's unfortunate nobody has full video evidence of this, but let's just watch some of the hardest screens set in the NBA instead:

There is absolutely no way the screen set in what we believe is in Virginia was anything close to those brutal picks in the NBA.


Even if it was remotely close, to call the cops is downright absurd.

This is a documented moment of when playing pick-up basketball goes wrong.

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