Randy Wittman can't figure out how to work a clipboard

The Wizards were able to go on the road and beat the Raptors in Game 1 of their first round matchup in a sloppy 93-86 overtime win — yes, it went to OT and no one touched triple digits.

It was not a particularly well played game by either team, but Paul Pierce went off and the Wizards defense was able to make Toronto take a lot of jumpers that they missed. The mastermind behind all of it, this man: Randy Wittman, who is easily confused by a clipboard.


The best part of the whole Vine is Bradley Beal's face in the back as he restrains himself from either laughing or yelling, "IT'S A DAMN BASKETBALL COURT, RANDY. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH WAY IT IS FACING. JUST DRAW UP A PLAY."

This was the WINNING coach in this game. The Eastern Conference is the worst.