Rudy Gobert, Minnesota Timberwolves, NBA
Rudy Gobert of the Minnesota a Timberwolves slams one home in a game earlier this season. (Getty)

Rudy Gobert Threatens To 'Hold People Accountable' If NBA Doesn't

Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert was no fan of a play involving Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso on Sunday.

It came during the Bulls' 109-101 stunner of a road win over the West-leading Wolves, in which Gobert and Caruso collided. Gobert accepted no responsibility for the incident and suggested the NBA should look into it.

And if not that play specifically, then others like it.

"I had a knee injury a couple years ago on the same play and missed a month because someone ran into my knee," Gobert told reporters.

"I hope they look at this, because if they don't hold people accountable, I'm gonna hold them accountable myself."

This particular incident took place just before halftime. Caruso and Gobert were battling for a rebound when Caruso, boxing out, made contact with Gobert's knee. Gobert immediately took exception.

Granted, the fact the Bulls won the game likely only added to Gobert's frustration afterward. And there clearly was no ill intent on Caruso's part. He was just trying to make a basketball play.

Caruso is known as being an elite defender and gritty player. Gobert is also an elite defender when it comes to protecting the paint, but no one has ever accused him of being gritty. Sometimes just the opposite.

"Whatever the case is, the Timberwolves 109-101 loss to the Bulls dropped them from first to third in the Western Conference playoff race," wrote Athlon Sports. "Minnesota has eight games to go before the playoffs, including a back-to-back Tuesday-Wednesday against the Rockets and Raptors."

There's never any shortage of drama in the NBA, and this is just the latest example. But for all Gobert's complaining, there wasn't much wrong with the play in question and the league isn't real likely to even bother with it.

That's probably for the best, too.