Russell Westbrook goes off on reporter after asking legitimate question

This is not a good look for the likely MVP.

Some members of the media don't appreciate it when reporters take it easy on athletes after tough contests. That was the opposite of what happened after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Houston Rockets in Game 4 of their first round series. The Rockets got the controversial win thanks to some officiating mishaps at the end of the game, but also because of the bench's inability to keep or extend a lead.

A question about that ineffectiveness and why the team couldn't hold a lead with Westbrook on the bench was directed toward center Steven Adams. However, Westbrook took that question personally and basically defended his teammates and lit the reporter up for it.

The Rockets won the game 113-109 and will get to host a potential series-clinching Game 5 at home. While the question might not have been good for one of Westbrook's teammates to answer —- especially one who starts with him —- it did not mean that he should have answered the question so angrily and assumed people are trying to split his team up.