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Shaquille O'Neal weighs in on the Michael Jordan-LeBron James-Kobe Bryant debate

Former player and current NBA analyst Shaquille O'Neal appeared on The Dan Patrick Show recently. 

Naturally he was asked to weigh in on the always evolving discussion involving arguably three of the best players to take the hardwood, and his reaction didn't disappoint.

O'Neal strayed away from former Detroit Pistons forward Bill Laimbeer and backed Michael Jordan when compared to LeBron James. When the discussion turned to comparing Kobe Bryant and James, the big man's comments were at least mildly surprising.

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"I played with both of them," O'Neal said. "You know, Kobe has that killer instinct. And I'd probably have to go with Kobe. That's not a knock against LeBron. It's just that I know Kobe and I played with him longer. I've seen what he can do."

O'Neal later said James has the killer instinct as well, and later rightfully compared him to Magic Johnson in the way he plays and leans on other teammates.

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