Respected NBA head coach calls the NCAA the worst sports organization Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy is both not a fan of the one-and-done rule, as well as the NCAA as an organization.

Amid the FBI reports surfacing all over the place, with schools and coaches attempting to rationalize keeping order within a broken system, Van Gundy sees it from a different perspective.

“The NCAA is one of the worst organizations — maybe the worst organization — in sports,” Van Gundy told reporters. “They certainly don’t care about the athlete. They’re going to act like they’re appalled by all these things going on in college basketball. Please — it’s ridiculous, and it’s all coming down on the coaches.”

Van Gundy did coach at college (one year), but it isn’t only his disdain with the NCAA that bothers him. It is the code resting underneath the idea of the one-and-done rule (an NBA rule, for what it is worth).

“People that were against [players] coming out [of high school] made a lot of excuses, but I think a lot of it was racist. I’ve never heard anybody go up in arms about [minor league baseball or hockey],” Van Gundy told reporters. “They are not making big money, and they’re white kids primarily and nobody has a problem.”

“But all of a sudden you’ve got a black kid that wants to come out of high school and make millions. That’s a bad decision, but bypassing college to go play for $800 a month in minor league baseball? That’s a fine decision? What the hell is going on?”

What he is saying has long been echoed by many others. However, whenever someone with a platform such as an NBA coach says it, the message does have a bit more reach.


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