Steph Curry punks four Clippers defenders off the dribble, drills step-back three

Steph Curry continues to be absolutely ridiculous. The first-place Warriors are currently dominating the Clippers with ease, despite an off afternoon from Curry — currently 3-for-8 shooting with 10 points and four assists.

Even on an off day, Curry can still dazzle with his amazing handles and quick release, like he did here.


I mean, come on, that's just silly. Curry dribbles himself into some trouble as four Clippers defenders collapse on him, but he just goes between the legs then behind the back to escape the defense and then steps back to nail an off-balance, fadeaway three at the top of the key.

That wasn't Steph's first highlight of the day, however. Earlier in the game, Steph made Chris Paul look foolish with a hesitation dribble and then pull up jumper.

It's Steph's world and we're all just living in it.