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Taylor Swift is Cursing NBA Playoff Teams According to a Reddit Conspiracy

Taylor Swift is one of the most influential pop stars in the world, and some NBA fans think she's cursing teams in the playoffs.

It's not a secret that Taylor Swift holds a lot of influence and status in the music industry, but could this pop star be influencing the sports world as well?

Some fans are thinking "I knew you were trouble" as the Grammy-winning singer potentially doomed their team to a "swift" finish to the season. As a "Lover" of both Swift and sports, this is definitely an exciting moment for me, but let's dive into some of this conspiracy.

The losses of NBA teams seem to be taking place the same time Swift plays in their city as part of Swift's The Eras Tour. While Swifties anxiously await Swift's visit to their city to attend her concert, the NBA fans seem to be dreading it. Fearing Swift's presence in their city would mean the end of their NBA season. I guess you could say they have "Bad Blood."

The Taylor Swift NBA Curse, Explained

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A Reddit post explains that every time Swift's performances in a city aligns with the NBA team from there, they are doomed to lose in that weekend's game. During the course of the NBA Playoffs, Swift has played in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Foxborough — a city only about 45 minutes from Boston. And guess which sports teams lost those week's games? Yep. Atlanta, Philadelphia and Boston.

The post even goes so far as to claim that Swift's presence in the state alone might be enough to deny an NBA team's victory as the Miami Heat's loss to the Atlanta Hawks happened just before Swift performed in Tampa, Fla.


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Swift's timing could, of course, be a coincidence. However, considering sports are racked with conspiracies, lucky socks and pre-game rituals, it's no wonder fans can't seem to "Shake it Off" that Swift is sabotaging their team. Hey, that's easier than admitting your team isn't clutch come postseason time.

Luckily for Denver Nugget fans, Swift doesn't play in Denver until July. Maybe this is Swift's subtle way of rooting for the team? She's their own personal "Anti-Hero." But then there's the fact that Jimmy Butler is a total Swiftie, as evidenced by the time he danced to her song "22" and she approved of it on Twitter.

Now is this conspiracy true? Well, all I'll say is as a Swiftie and sports fan, I would want her to visit my city AFTER the NBA finals.

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