This fan has been banned from NBA arenas for using this distraction in a game

Fans try to get creative at times when distracting players from shooting free throws in the middle of a game. They'll wave their hands, those inflatable sticks, and just about anything else they can. However, one fan is an evil genius for thinking of using a laser pointer to flash in players' eyes at the charity stripe.

That's exactly what happened in a game between the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz. James Harden went to the line to shoot some free throws, but had to stop the game because someone was flashing a laser in his face and he was clearly not happy.

The game had to be stopped to find this fan and he was escorted from the building.

The fan was ejected and received a one-year ban from NBA arenas, according to multiple reports. That seems a bit harsh, but it's probably a good precedent to set for other fans now thinking of trying something like this in the future.


[h/t Complex]