This interactive basketball court lets you truly be like Mike

You know the play, and if you don't you can see it above.

Michael Jordan goes right, pushes Byron Russell ever so slightly, shifts left and pops the game-winner of the 1998 Finals.

With the progression of video games in recent years, we've toed the line between reality and the cyber world and Jordan Brand is making it even less clear.

From Wired:

"When the experience kicks in, it's like a video game augmenting real life. A path lights up on the ground to show you where to go. On each wall, 4K footage of a real crowd cheers or boos depending on whether you deliver. In the Utah scenario, the "home crowd" cheers when you miss—a nice touch. 

A real play-by-play announcer calls out your every move, and real players on the court deliver that key assist, play defense and act as stand-ins for Byron Russell, playing along when you push off."

Check out a few fans taking part in the incredible experience below:

According to the article, there are no "next step" plans as of now.