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This ringless legend says Durant is trying 'to cheat' his way to a title

Of course he thinks that.

Kevin Durant has been taking a ton of criticism for deciding to become a Golden State Warrior this summer and he's been hearing it from everyone. From fans burning his jersey to former players and analysts taking their shots at him, Durant has seen all kinds of hatred thrown his way. Ringless Hall of Famer Charles Barkley decided to add fuel to the fire.

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Barkley was on ESPN and in his usual, controversial way on Mike and & Mike, had this to say about Durant:

"I have no problem with a guy at the end of his career like Karl Malone, or Gary Payton I think did it, something like that. I have no problem with a guy at the end of his career ... we're talking about a guy who's 27 years old who has led the league in scoring four out of the last five years* who is a former MVP.

.... That's my problem. Listen, if you get traded, you get traded. But when you all get together and say 'let's dominate the league' and try to cheat your way to a championship.... Don't you want to compete? I would love to go back in my day and 'hey let me call Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and let's just dominate the NBA.'"

*Durant is a four-time scoring champion, but he led the league from 2010 to 2012 and again in 2014.

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He also said how disappointed he was in Durant and that it's very much like what LeBron James did in 2010.

"I was disappointed. I was disappointed like I was disappointed when LeBron went to Miami. Kevin is a terrific player, he's a good kid. But just disappointed with the fact that he weakened another team and he's gonna kind of gravy train on a terrific Warriors team. Just disappointed from a competitive standpoint. Because just like it meant more to LeBron to win one in Cleveland, it would mean more to Kevin to win one in Oklahoma than it would be in Golden State."

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That's actually a good point, but Barkley also sounds pretty bitter that he didn't win a ring himself and now Durant is almost guaranteed to do it by teaming up with the already great Warriors. He and Paul Pierce can both get on the salty train because it is going to be pretty full by the time the season starts.


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