Thunder's playoff chances are dwindling, and their players have no idea

With just four games left in the Oklahoma City Thunder's regular season, the team's playoff hopes are firmly out of its hands.

Trailing the New Orleans by a half game, the Pelicans have five games left on their schedule and control their own destiny. Some Oklahoma City players didn't see it that away following the team's fourth consecutive loss Tuesday night.

New Orleans' schedule looks like this the rest of the way:

April 8 at Memphis

April 10 vs Phoenix

April 12 at Houston

April 13 at Minnesota

April 15 vs San Antonio

Oklahoma City's schedule finishes up like this:

April 10 vs Sacramento

April 12 at Indiana

April 13 vs Portland

April 15 at Minnesota

Every game matters for the Thunder, and despite the players' belief, Oklahoma City will need some help getting into the playoffs. If the Pelicans lose twice, Oklahoma City would need to win out to get in and the trend would continue to make up the half-game deficit since New Orleans holds the tie-breaker.