Victor Wembanyama and Tom Brady
Photo from Instagram

Tom Brady Poses for Hilarious Photo With Victor Wembanyama

Tom Brady looked exceptionally ridiculous standing next to Victor Wembanyama, but TB12 decided to pivot all incoming jokes towards a former teammate.

NFL quarterbacks who have found great success over the years have come in a variety of sizes, paired with a unique set of skills in their respective arsenals. But the living legend that is Tom Brady was your classic prototype quarterback in terms of height, standing 6-foot-4.

So knowing that, seeing a photo of the seven-time Super Bowl champion standing next to sensational San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama served as a pretty amusing and ridiculous visual, though hardly a surprising one.

It's so preposterous to the point that Wemby — who is listed at a very normal and reasonable 7-foot-4 — is such a towering human that the Twitter/X post from Ari Meirov of "The 33rd Team" barely makes it past Victor's waistline before the post itself is expanded upon clicking.

In fact, we might as well do that very thing in the interest of demonstrating just how short a tall person looks in Wembanyama's presence.

via @MySportsUpdate

In the famous words of iconic pretend news anchor Ron Burgundy, we are laughing. It's so good it didn't even require a caption.

But what's made even better here is the accompanying caption by Brady (or, more than likely, by Brady's excellent social media team). Seriously, though, this closing line was just pure savagery out of nowhere:

"PS: @edelman11 This is how you felt all those years???"

While it was cool enough for TB12 to take the humbling route and praise the must-see-TV 19-year-old rookie, it was quite another to dial the volume all the way up for the sole purpose of verbally dunking right in the face of former wide receiver Julian Edelman.

Yes, Brady's good friend Julian is on the shorter side. The fact that the MVP of Super Bowl LIII is officially listed at 5-foot-10 seems extremely generous based on photos of him and Brady, but it's hardly an apples-to-apples to comparison. But tagging Edelman in the photo is also hardly supposed to be all that serious.

No one knows that more than Edelman himself, who hilariously replied in Brady's IG comments with a perfectly on-point Michael Scott "I am dead inside" GIF, making the bookends of the post a great example of social media at its very best and loosest.

And, really, it's one of the many reasons why we all keep coming back.