15 years after "PLAYOFFS?!" rant, Jim Mora gives another epic speech backing this 0-3 squad

Jim Mora is still as entertaining as ever.

While maybe not as beer commercial worthy as some of the more comical diatribes of his coaching days ("Playoffs?"), Jim Mora's outburst during a recent New Orleans Saints postgame show was certainly in the same mold as that trademark excitable delivery.

After the Saints lost to the Falcons Monday night to fall to 0-3, the former New Orleans and Indianapolis head coach reminded us all why he's such a fan favorite—-even at 81-years-old.

Mora scoffed when asked if the Saints' season was over after losing its third straight to start the season.

"No, the season's not over. God, I hate to hear that. I HATE TO HEAR THAT," he snapped, all the while pounding his hands on the desk after every word for emphasis.

His point may have been lost in all the theatrics and that weird falsetto thing he does, but it's a good one.

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No NFL team has ever gone 0-3 and made the playoffs, so New Orleans is definitely up against it. But Drew Brees is still an elite quarterback and he hasn't exactly been struggling.

He leads the league in both passing yards with 1,062 and passing touchdowns with eight. Not to mention he threw for 376 yards and three touchdowns Monday against Atlanta.