A former Bears rival threw serious shade at Jay Cutler as he moves to the broadcast booth

This is pretty good.

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is stepping away from the gridiron and moving to the broadcast booth on Fox.

After Cutler's career change came to light, former Green Bay Packers tight end Tom Crabtree sent out a tweet that, at first, looked like a harmless congratulatory tweet, but, after further examination, it's clear Crabtree took a subtle dig at Cutler by capitalizing "INT" whenever possible in the tweet.

The Bears and Packers rivalry is one of the NFL's oldest and best, so Crabtree's tweet is probably not meant to be malicious, although it is snarky and funny.

Cutler may not find it as funny, though, but this is the nature of the beast and a lot of what football fans will remember about Cutler's playing days is what they remember about Brett Favre: He threw a lot of interceptions.

Cutler confirmed Friday he was joining Fox Sports' NFL coverage team.