FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 13: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers drops back to pass in the first quarter against the New England Patriots during a preseason game at Gillette Stadium on August 13, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Former NFL MVP, Super Bowl champ Aaron Rodgers is already discussing retirement

"I think I’m on the back nine of my career ..."

Aaron Rodgers is just threw for 40 touchdowns and seven interceptions last season, and he is one of the two best quarterbacks in the NFL — along with Tom Brady

But the 33-year-old Green Bay Packers star admitted to NFL Network that he isn't exactly a young quarterback anymore.

"I think I'm on the back nine of my career," Rodgers said. "But I think I'm just kind of starting the back nine. This will be my 10th year starting, I got to sit for three years. So I'm not the typical 13-year pro, having the opportunity to sit for three years and not take the wear and tear to learn the game."

Rodgers didn't specify exactly how much longer he intended to play, and he could aim to play into his 40s like Tom Brady. His stats are still better than any QB in the league, and he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.

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Rodgers did say he has a number in mind for retirement, and he would like to retire with the Packers.

"I think we all have numbers," Rodgers said. "When I was a young player, I remember thinking as I looked at some of the older guys, if I got to five that'd be cool, or eight, or anything after 10 would be amazing. For me, I think the longevity is tied to being a Green Bay Packer. I'd like to finish my career in Green Bay."

As great as Rodgers has been in the regular season, it hasn't necessarily translated to postseason success outside of one Super Bowl run. The Packers have won one Super Bowl during Rodgers' tenure, and they've come up short in every season since then.

Rodgers' longevity will likely go a long way in determining his place on the all-time quarterback list when his career comes to a close. Brady will be tough to surpass as the GOAT, but Rodgers has the regular season success to at least enter the conversation with Brady, Peyton Manning and Joe Montana.

(h/t Pro Football Talk)