Aaron Rodgers can make the argument that he’s the best quarterback in the NFL and, even after a season that did not include a Super Bowl win, he isn’t exactly declining at this stage. That, in conjunction with his age at 33, make discussions surrounding his retirement age seem silly. But Rodgers was asked about longevity in the sport and he gave an insightful answer about the future.

Here is what Rodgers indicated:

“I saw Tom at the [Kentucky] Derby and I asked him how long he was going to play. Then I kind of subtracted my age from the age he’s going to be at when he finishes and I figure I’ve got about 12 more years left. I’ve got plenty of time.”

With 12 more years of NFL play, Rodgers would almost certainly hold every NFL record, at least if he continued at anything approaching his current level of performance. It has to be noted that Tom Brady, who Rodgers referenced in his answer, has similar plans to play into his mid-40’s and could be the standard bearer in that regard. Still, this type of comment from Rodgers has to make fans of the Green Bay Packers feel very good about the next decade of the franchise.

One Super Bowl winning QB reveals exactly how long he wants to play in the NFL Christian Petersen/Getty Images
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