BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 05: Mark Andrews #89 of the Baltimore Ravens interacts with fans after the game against the Seattle Seahawks at M&T Bank Stadium on November 5, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Mark Andrews' Inspirational Battle With Diabetes Is a Constant Fight

The Baltimore Ravens released a video on their X account showing an interaction between tight end Mark Andrews and a fellow Ravens player discussing his Type 1 diabetes.

"Mark Andrews is inspiring kids with Type 1 diabetes everywhere," the caption of the post read.

It's unclear who Andrews is talking with, but whoever it was, they were curious about Andrews' diagnosis, seeking to learn more about it.

"What does that do, brother?" the player asked Andrews.

"Test my blood sugar," Andrews responded.

"You gotta do that every what?" the player followed up.

"Every time I come off the field," Andrew answered.

"For real," the fellow player said in disbelief.

After responding yes, the player asked another question, "If it's like low or something you gotta like?"

"When my blood sugars a little higher, I gotta give insulin to bring it down. When it's low, I take some sugar like some Gatorade or something like that," Andrews said as the clip ended.

As the caption mentioned, Andrew has Type 1 diabetes. Despite having to check his blood sugar every time he comes off the field, Andrews has been a dominant force at the college level and the NFL.

He was diagnosed with it when he was nine years old, and continues to be a vocal advocate for diabetes awareness.

In college, Andrews played for Oklahoma, racking up 112 catches for 1,765 yards and 22 touchdowns in three years across 35 games.

In the NFL, Andrews has caught 377 passes for 4,790 yards and 40 touchdowns. He had ten touchdowns in his second season, and in 2021, he caught 107 passes for 1,361 yards and nine touchdowns.

So far this season, Andrews has started seven games, hauling 41 passes on 55 targets for 477 yards and six scores. He missed Week 1.

Andrews will have a chance to add more stats to the sheet in Week 10 as the Ravens take on the Cleveland Browns.

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