NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 15: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are seen leaving the SNL after party on October 15, 2023 in New York, New York.
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A Complete Timeline of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's Relationship

Football fans and Swifties alike have spent the last month being inundated with content related to America's favorite new couple: Kansas Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift herself. But how did it all start, how did it progress, and where is it going? Let's take a look at a timeline of what's already gone down, and what might be next.

July 7-8: Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Takes Kansas City by Storm

Little did we know at the time, this was the beginning of a budding romance; Travis Kelce attended one of the shows, and handed out friendship bracelets to fellow Kansas City Swifties. We later learn, through Travis and his brother Jason's podcast New Heights, that one of those bracelets was reserved for Swift herself, but instead of Swift lyrics, it displayed his phone number. Much to his dismay, he wasn't able to deliver it to her, as she didn't have time to meet him- yet.

August 2: NFL RedZone icon Andrew Siciliano reposts an interview with Travis in which the legendary tight end is asked about whether or not Taylor reached back out to him after he made it clear that he had tried to meet her back in July; Travis declines to answer and promptly ushers the segment to a close.

Early September: Rumors swirl that the pair are "casually" hanging out, and seeing where things go.

Taylor is spotted out and about wearing a necklace adorned with opal, Travis's birthstone. For many, this would mean nothing, but Swift has long implemented "Easter eggs" and other clues in her music, social media posts, and more; this observation leads Swifties to believe that there might be credence to the rumors.

September 21st: Amidst speculation that the two are hanging out "casually" and Taylor is simply in her "fun girl era," Travis finally directly comments on the situation on the Pat McAfee Show.

He says that after he watched Taylor "rock the stage at Arrowhead" back in July, he's told her that she needs to come see him do the same. At the time, we're left to wonder if that will ever happen, or if the Chiefs star is simply talking a big game.

September 24th: Perhaps the biggest moment in this entire saga.

Taylor Swift attends a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Field, an absolute demolition of the hapless Chicago Bears. Taylor sits in Travis's private suite, sitting alongside his mother Donna just about the entire time. She is caught on camera excitedly reacting to Travis's exploits on the field, exclaiming "let's f***ing go!" after a Kelce touchdown.

The pair are caught on camera afterwards, exiting together and driving away in Travis's very classic convertible. Skeptics continue to downplay the relationship, saying that Taylor "just thought it was a fun way to spend her Sunday," despite the fact that she is visibly cozying up to the Kelce family.

October 1: Taylor heads East to see the Chiefs play on the road for the first time, in what turns out to be a thrilling primetime matchup against the Jets.

Travis has a quieter night on the field but still leads the team in receiving yards en route to a gritty win. In perhaps her favorite city, Taylor has a girls night out on the town with friends including Blake Lively, and says "welcome to New York" to Brittany Mahomes with an invitation to join the crew, a kind gesture as she socializes herself with the Chiefs family.

October 6: Taylor is confirmed to have traveled to Minnesota, where the Chiefs are playing their next game, but she does not make it to the game itself.

Later, it becomes apparent that she was in town with Travis to celebrate his birthday, which was on the 5th.

October 14: Taylor and Travis both have guest appearances on SNL, and are caught on camera holding hands.

The pair are said to have been "very touchy" during an after-shoot party in New York, as it becomes increasingly clear that Travis has figured out how you get the girl.

Around this same time, the Eras Tour movie debuts, and unable to personally attend the red carpet event, Travis sends Taylor a floral arrangement worth around $2,500 dollars. The music legend seems to be touched and impressed by the gesture.

October 12: Taylor pulls off perhaps the most romantic gesture of the entire proceedings so far by sitting through an entire football game that involves the Denver Broncos.

Travis dominates with nine catches for 124 yards as the Chiefs pull off a gutty rivalry win. Taylor is spotted wearing a Chiefs windbreaker, which sells out immediately afterwards.

October 22: In what has become a regular occurrence, Taylor attends another Chiefs game, this time showing off the impressive and fairly elaborate touchdown celebration handshake that she and Brittany Mahomes have devised.

After the game, the first veritable PDA photos of the couple emerge, alongside Chiefs wideout Mecole Hardman and his partner. This is a fairly impactful development, as it provides a stark contrast to her approximately six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn, which produced essentially no public romantic moments; listen to the song Bejeweled off of her recent album Midnights for Taylor's apparent take on the level of restriction she felt in that relationship.

This week, following the Friday re-release of her album 1989 (Taylor's Version), Swift is expected to devote time to watching a game that involves the Broncos as the Chiefs take them on once again, a true sign of devotion if I've ever seen one. In turn, Kelce is expected to travel to Argentina to watch another installment of Taylor's Eras Tour during the Chiefs' November bye week.

Who knows what else could be next? The media circus has been intense, but is it over now? Travis and the Chiefs take on his brother Jason's Eagles- Taylor's favorite team- on November 20th. Swift will be in Brazil, but has Mondays off. Could she potentially make a video appearance on the Monday Night Football Manningcast? It's hard to say, but this love is just beginning to take off so stay tuned for more updates as these two suburban legends continue to be in the public eye.

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