After a brutal loss, Todd Bowles disrespected his starting QB in a way that’s inexcusable


While it could certainly be argued that Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was deserving of the hook Monday night, what head coach Todd Bowles did about his quarterback situation immediately after the game was far from smooth. Particularly for a guy whose job could be on life support at this point.

After New York's embarrassing 41-10 loss to the Colts, Bowles told reporters that Bryce Petty would replace Fitzpatrick as the team's starting quarterback, even before telling Fitzpatrick himself.

"I'd been meaning to talk to him and I got tied up with a few things," Bowles said about the oversight. "I had a lot on my mind and got some things off my chest, and it kind of went over the wrong way."

After Fitzpatrick struggled right out of the gate, going 5-of-12 for 81 yards and one interception, Bowles wasted no time and replaced him with Petty in the second quarter. No surprise there. But after Bowles decided that Petty would take over under center for the final four games of the season, Fitzpatrick had to hear about the demotion from assistant coaches---minutes after the media had already learned about the switch.


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In his comments to reporters after the whole fiasco, Fitzpatrick avoided addressing Bowles' mishandling of the situation, choosing instead to express his disappointment at being benched.

"My situation is I just want to be out there playing," he said. "But I didn't play well enough. It's going to be a difficult thing for me not to play. I didn't get it done, you know?"