Bill Belichick on Sideline
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Shirtless Bill Belichick Sneaks Out Of 24-Year-Old Girlfriend’s Home, Video Reveals

Apparently, there's a new twist to the whole Bill Belichick saga. In case you missed it, he's apparently dating a 24-year-old. He's 72.

But hey, when you're unemployed, may as well see what's out there, right? And if she doesn't have an issue with it, why should he?

Anyway, on to the viral moment of Belichick, and you may want to keep your eyes closed for this one. He's shirtless. And reportedly leaving his girlfriend's house.

Video seems to confirm all this, as relayed by the New York Post (and the actual video).

"Months after Ring camera footage surfaced of a shirtless man — whom many believed to be Bill Belichick — leaving a house in the morning, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday the video blasted on social media in November 2023 was the eight-time Super Bowl winner exiting the Massachusetts residence of his 24-year-old girlfriend, former cheerleader Jordon Hudson," the outlet wrote.

"The latest Belichick revelation comes days after TMZ revealed the former Patriots coach, 72, is dating Hudson, whom he met on a plane in 2021."

Belichick reportedly became more than acquaintances with Hudson after splitting with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday. Belichick and Holliday even once appeared on an Animal Planet show together to talk about their dog.

Per the Post:

Page Six reported in September 2023 that Belichick and Holliday — who had been together since 2007 — were "involved in a drawn-out, back-and-forth breakup for nearly a year."

Belichick's dalliances became a punchline at Tom Brady's raunchy Netflix roast last month, with the legendary Patriots quarterback torching his former coach over the early-hours exit in the Ring video.

"Everybody asks me which ring is my favorite, I used to say 'the next one.' But now that I am retired, my favorite Ring is the camera that caught Coach Belichick slinking out of that poor girl's house a few months ago. Hey, you still go it. Respect baby," Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champ, quipped.