Bill Belichick made his entire offense, including coaches, run laps at practice

New England Patriots head coach operates his team differently than most coaches, but that’s one of the reasons why he has been so successful in his career. He proved how different he is at practice on Wednesday.

Belichick made the entire offense, including coaches, run laps after the team failed to have the proper personnel on the field due to miscommunication.

“That’s what it takes to win,” receiver Brian Tyms said, via ESPN. “That’s what I’ve been taught. We won a Super Bowl like that — we’re all as one, it’s never one person. There are no ‘me’ people on this team and if there are, they will be gone before the season starts. It takes everybody collectively to work together and for us to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is the Super Bowl. It took everybody to win that Super Bowl. … If you had nothing to do with that in the huddle, it doesn’t matter. Everybody runs.”

I’m disappointed that there isn’t any video of this. That would’ve been hilarious to watch.

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