Blind Side actor who played Michael Oher in film doesn't feel sorry for him

Michael Oher, the subject of the blockbuster film "The Blind Side," says he thinks the movie has hurt his career because people it has taken away from his football and has made people criticize his every move.

Quinton Aaron, the actor who played Oher in "The Blind Side," doesn't feel sorry for the real-life Oher. He gave the Carolina Panthers offensive lineman some tough love.

"At the end of the day, bro, you are a millionaire, you're famous, you are a Super Bowl champ, you have an amazing family that loves you, friends, fans and teammates," Aaron told TMZ. "Who gives a damn about what people say or think who wanna criticize your game, bro, that shouldn't matter. Somebody is always gonna have something to say that you're not gonna like."

The main reason why Oher says he hates the film is because of all the attention it has given him. Throughout the years, Oher hasn't talked much about the film and tries to avoid questions about it. He was drafted in the first round by the Ravens, but never lived up to the expectations the team had for him. Oher thinks people are calling him a bust because of the movie and the mighty expectations the film created for him, but Aaron says Oher needs to not pay attention to that,

"So what? You had a couple bad seasons, I believe you've got a lot more fuel in the tank so let's start hashing out some good ones and forget what people think about you. I got your back, brotha. God Bless!"