Boston reporter slams NFL: "We've caught Roger Goodell in a major lie"

This is the ultimate trump card.

Before the DeflateGate case goes to court, the transcript from Tom Brady's appeal was released despite the NFL's reported resistance.

While some interesting sentiments were noted from Brady's emails, none is more impactful than Brady's noted discussions with John Jastremski, per CSNNE:

"The big thing is we've all caught Roger Goodell in a major lie here," said Howe. "In the 20-page letter that he sent out to uphold Brady's suspension he said Tom Brady did not discuss or address the topic of conversation that he had with Jastremski in the days after the AFC Championship game. When in a footnote he contradicted himself by saying, 'Brady sort of did talk about the upcoming Super Bowl.

"The guy is blatantly lying to cover his rear end."

With the two sides preparing for the court date, August 12, things don't look great for the NFL.