Brent Musberger has been toiling away in his retirement over the last year and has been pretty quiet now that he’s not on everyone’s television every Saturday. However, he did get himself a Twitter account and decided on Sunday it was the time to tweet about national anthem protests.

So not only did he tweet about one of the worst teams in the NFL being bad — they’re 0-5 like the Browns and Giants — but he also claimed that they instigated the protesting. That is simply untrue as it wasn’t an entire team, but rather Colin Kaepernick alone and that spread among teammates.

Maybe Musberger should actually just stick to betting and talking about spreads because this is perhaps one of the worst comments from a celebrity we’ve seen yet. And let’s be honest, the 49ers wouldn’t kneel in someone else’s end zone. They would downright celebrate and party considering how bad they’ve been.

Legendary broadcaster Brent Musberger goes all in on national anthem protest with latest tweet @FazleAzim2/Twitter
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